• Financial Services in the Age of the Internet

    The European Digital Forum convened the High-Level Roundtable on Financial Services in the Age of the Internet. Policymakers, expert researchers, stakeholders and industry participants debated and discussed the way digital technology will revolutionise the provisioning of financial...

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  • Transatlantic Data Flows: Working Towards Common Ground

    Julie Brill, commissioner at the United States Federal Trade Commission, and Bruno Gencarelli, head of unit for data protection at the European Commission’s DG justice and consumers, discussed the state of ongoing talks for a new Safe Harbour agreement, the likelihood of a deal later...

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  • The 2015 Euro Plus Monitor

    Fiscal repair and structural reforms were difficult. But the bitter medicine has worked. The systemic euro crisis is history. Most reform countries at the periphery are reaping the rewards of their efforts. For the reform countries, the risks ahead are mostly political rather than...

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  • Günther Oettinger Opens Startup Europe Forum at...

    The European Digital Forum, an inter-disciplinary research hub co-managed by the Lisbon Council and Nesta, took centre stage at ICT 2015: innovate, Connect, Transform in Lisbon on 20-22 October 2015. ICT 2015 is the European Union’s flagship digital conference that united 7,000...

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  • Government of the Future

    The European Digital Forum launches Government of the Future: How Digital Technology Will Change the Way We Live, Work and Govern at the eGovernment Conference Luxembourg 2015, a minister-level informal gathering hosted by the Government of Luxembourg, acting as Presidency of the Council...

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  • POLICY BRIEF Uncovering the Hidden Value of Digital...

    The Lisbon Council, a leading Brussels-based think tank, and Progressive Policy Institute (PPI), a top Washington, DC-based think tank, jointly release Uncovering the Hidden Value of Digital Trade: Towards a 21st Century Agenda of Transatlantic Prosperity. Written by Paul Hofheinz,...

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  • The 2015 Euro Plus Monitor
  • Government of the Future
  • Uncovering the Hidden Value of Digital Trade
  • Financial Services in the Digital Age
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  • The 2014 Euro Plus Monitor
  • The 2015 Intellectual Property and Economic...
  • Economic Intelligence: Two (Potentially...
  • Data-Driven Business Models: Powering...
  • Digital Minds for a New Europe
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