• POLICY BRIEF Uncovering the Hidden Value of Digital...

    The Lisbon Council, a leading Brussels-based think tank, and Progressive Policy Institute (PPI), a top Washington, DC-based think tank, jointly release Uncovering the Hidden Value of Digital Trade: Towards a 21st Century Agenda of Transatlantic Prosperity. Written by Paul Hofheinz,...

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  • Driving the Hidden Value of Digital Trade

    Two leading think tanks – the Progressive Policy Institute from Washington, DC and the Lisbon Council from Brussels – convened the High-Level Roundtable on Driving the Hidden Value of Digital Trade. At their fourth transatlantic summit – convened as part of PPI and the Lisbon...

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  • Can a Mythical Greek Accord Be Made to Work?

    After months of perilous brinkmanship and marathon meetings, culminating in virtually round-the-clock negotiations this week, an agreement between Greece and the institutions still remains elusive, and another drop-dead eurogroup meeting has been set for Saturday, 27 June. As the European...

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  • Andrus Ansip Keynotes The 2015 European Digital Forum

    The 2015 European Digital Forum convened under the timely theme How the Digital Single Market Will Power a European Renaissance – and What We Need to Do About It Today. Andrus Ansip, vice-president of the European Commission for the digital single market, delivered The 2015 Guglielmo...

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  • Growing the Digital Economy > A Transatlantic View

    The Lisbon Council welcomed Catherine A. Novelli, senior co-ordinator for international information technology diplomacy and under secretary of state for economic growth, energy, and the environment of the United States (Department of State) for a High-Level Roundtable on Transatlantic...

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  • Financial Services in the Digital Age

    In a new policy brief, published by the European Digital Forum, author Sergey Filippov looks at Financial Services in the Digital Age: Leveraging Technology and Regulation to Achieve a Stronger Capital Markets Union. The paper examines the spread of digital technology throughout the...

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