Press Room

  • Associated Press, “EU Praises New Bank Body, but Analysts Skeptical”
    20/12/13 Image

    Alessandro Leipold, chief economist of the Lisbon Council, warns the ministers' compromise on the Banking Unio... Read more

    Associated Press 201213 (74.60kb)
  • GlobalPost, "EU Seeks to Overcome Banking Disunion"
    19/12/13 Image

    "The draft agreement risks being a recipe for undue political interference and long negotiations, holding up r... Read more

    GlobalPost 181213 (104.35kb)
  • EurActiv, "France Is the 'Sick Man' of Europe, Says EU Think-Tank"
    09/12/13 Image

    EurActiv writes: The Lisbon Council's latest report, The 2013 Euro Plus Monitor, published last week, is ... Read more

    EurActiv091213 (66.28kb)
  • Il Sole 24 Ore, " Paris and Rome, Both Laggards"
    04/12/13 Image

    Il Sole 24 Ore writes: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most fragile of them all, France or Italy? It's... Read more

    Il Sole 24 Ore 041213 (73.37kb)
  • EKathimerini, "Greece is Europe’s Reform Champ"
    04/12/13 Image

    EKathimerini writes: For a second consecutive year, Greece is the champion of Europe in terms of reforms, acco... Read more

    EKathimerini 031213 (75.13kb)
  • Tvi24, "Portugal no penúltimo lugar em saúde da economia"
    03/12/13 Image

    Tvi24 comments on the findings of The 2013 Euro Plus Monitor, the premiere competitiveness ranking published t... Read more

    TVI24 031213 (405.79kb)
  • Bloomberg, "Rehn Says French Taxes Hurt Growth as EU Widens Criticism"
    03/12/13 Image

    The 2013 Euro Plus Monitor, a study released today by the Lisbon Council and Berenberg, calls France the "sick... Read more

    Bloomberg 031213 (59.66kb)
  • El País, "¿Dónde se detiene el proceso que inician Escocia y Cataluña?"
    28/11/13 Image

    In an interview with El País, just hours before the Brussels Launch of his new book Turbulent and Mighty... Read more

    El Pais 271113 (150.64kb)
  • Deutsche Welle, "High-tech Memo to Europe: Innovate or Stagnate in the Digital...
    18/10/13 Image

    "A dynamic, innovative, digital single market should be the next big European integration project," says ... Read more

    Deutsche Welle 171013 (198.79kb)
  • Financial Times, "Government in Danger of Stifling Bright Ideas"
    17/10/13 Image

    Plan I(nnovation) for Europe, a joint publication by the Lisbon Council, a Brussels-based think tank, and Nest... Read more

    Financial Times 171013 (139.20kb)