Press Room

  • The Wall Street Journal, "Building a Sturdier Euro"
    12/12/12 Image

    In a timely editorial for The Wall Street Journal, Wolfgang Schäuble, finance minister of Germany, points out... Read more

    WallStreetJournal_121212 (92.98kb)
  • Financial Times, "Glimmer of Hope in Europe’s Debt Tale"
    29/11/12 Image

    The 2012 Euro Plus Monitor, a study conducted jointly by Berenberg Bank and the Lisbon Council, a think tank, ... Read more

    FinancialTimes_291112 (78.12kb)
  • Balkans, "Slovenia Sixth-Healthiest Eurozone Economy"
    28/11/12 Image

    Balkans Business News says, "In a sign of how badly the eurozone is faring at the moment, Slovenia widely seen... Read more

    Balkans_281112 (88.49kb)
  • Digital Journal, "Physical Gold Respond to Predictions that Britain Faces Deeper...
    28/11/12 Image

    The Digital Journal writes, "British savers should be prepared and make moves to protect the value of their sa... Read more

    DigitalJournal_281112 (82.44kb)
  • Observatoire De La Competitivite, "Euro Plus Monitor 2012"
    28/11/12 Image

    German bank Berenberg Bank and Brussels based think tank the Lisbon Council published the second edition of Th... Read more

    ObservatoireDeLaCompetitivite_281112 (189.96kb)
  • Die Welt, "EU-Kommission Rechnet Sich die Euro-Krise Schön"
    28/11/12 Image

    A major study launched by the Lisbon Council and Berenberg Bank, ranks the 17 eurozone countries on a range of... Read more

    DieWelt_281112 (109.08kb)
  • Uusi Suomi, "Suomi Romahti Euroalueen Pohjille"
    28/11/12 Image

    The 2012 Euro Plus Monitor points out that Finland has risen labour costs more rapidly than any other country ... Read more

    UusiSuomi_281112 (67.47kb)
  • Bloomberg, "Narrowing Trade Gaps Makes Bullish Case for Global Growth"
    28/11/12 Image

    A study published by Germany’s Berenberg Bank and the Lisbon Council, a Brussels-based research group, concl... Read more

    Bloomberg_281112 (117.92kb)
  • Hellenic Business News, ""2012 Euro Plus Monitor": Σωστή δόση...
    27/11/12 Image

    Hellenic Business News writes a piece on The 2012 Euro Plus Monitor, a study published by the Lisbon Council a... Read more

    HellenicBusinessNews_271112 (84.38kb)
  • Irish Independent, "Ireland Scores High on Fiscal Reforms"
    27/11/12 Image

    The Lisbon Council and Berenberg Bank publish The 2012 Euro Plus Monitor in which Ireland performs well when i... Read more

    IrishIndependent_271112 (62.67kb)