Press Room

  • EFE, "Una Austeridad Excesiva Puede Dañar la Confianza en España, Según un...
    26/11/12 Image

    The 2012 Euro Plus Monitor assesses Spain's adaptation to structural adjustments in order to address the econo... Read more

    EFE_261112 (75.07kb)
  • Bloomberg Businessweek, "France Lags Euro-Area Economy Overhaul Effort, Study Says"
    25/11/12 Image

    “France remains the only major European economy which is beset by serious health problems and has yet to do ... Read more

    BloombergBusinessweek_251112 (70.62kb)
  • EUObserver, "Jobless Youth - Southern Europe's Ticking Time Bomb"
    05/10/12 Image

    In his latest analysis of the youth unemployment situation in Southern Europe, Matthew Melchiorre, Warren T. B... Read more

    EUObserver 041012 (86.06kb)
  • Science Business, "Halfway There: More Change is Needed to Win the Innovation Race"
    04/10/12 Image

    The Lisbon Council convened The 2012 Innovation Summit in which European Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn delivere... Read more

    Science Business 041012 (96.20kb)
  • El Economista, "Telefónica Combatirá la Fuga de Talento Innovador en Europa"
    03/10/12 Image

    StartUp Europe, a collaboration between the Lisbon Council and Telefónica, proposes "hubs of innovation" to f... Read more

    El Economista 031012 (159.76kb)
  • Spiegel, "Streit über das Urheberrecht"
    21/09/12 Image

    Disputes on copyrights have blocked sensible projects as Nellie Kroes voiced at the Lisbon Council's 2012 Inte... Read more

    Spiegel_190912 (77.06kb)
  • NASDAQ, "EU Urgently Needs to Overhaul Copyright Rules - Kroes"
    11/09/12 Image

    Speaking at The 2012 Intellectual Property and Innovation Summit hosted by the Lisbon Council, Neelie Kroes, v... Read more

    NASDAQ_100912 (84.84kb)
  • ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), "Beating the Greek Recession Online"
    29/08/12 Image

    In a radio interview, Ann Mettler, executive director of the Lisbon Co...... Read more

  • Il Sole 24 Ore, "Prolonging the Summer Calm"
    28/08/12 Image

    Alessandro Leipold, chief economist of The Lisbon Council and former acting director of the European Departmen... Read more

    Il Sole 24 Ore 280812 (68.30kb)
  • Il Sole 24 Ore, "The ECB: What it Takes for a Breakthrough" Part 2
    12/08/12 Image

    In the second part of the column, Alessandro Leipold, chief economist of The Lisbon Council and former acting ... Read more

    Il Sole 24 Ore 120812 (75.19kb)