Press Room

  • Reuters, "EU plans overhaul of Internet download rules"
    09/07/09 Image

    "Growing Internet piracy is a vote of no-confidence in existing business models and legal solutions. It should... Read more

    Reuters090709 (46.24kb)
  • ORF, "Reding: "Internet-Piraterie ist sexy""
    09/07/09 Image

    Anlässlich einer Rede vor dem Thinktank The Lisbon Council am Donnerstag in Brüssel entward EU-Medienkommiss... Read more

    ORF090709 (61.46kb)
  • Bloomberg, "Debt Burden Quickens Power Shift as G-8 Loses Clout"
    07/07/09 Image

    The industrial world’s borrowing spree “decreases its ability to maneuver,” said Paul Hofheinz, presiden... Read more

    Bloomberg070709 (67.40kb)
  • Parliament Magazine, "An Agenda Worthy of the Name"
    22/06/09 Image

    A broader, more inclusive understanding of innovation is vital if the Lisbon Agenda is to successfully tackle ... Read more

    Innovation_ParliamentMagazine (124.41kb)
  • EurActiv, "Fall-off in venture capital hurting innovation, warns OECD"
    17/06/09 Image

    Speaking at a meeting hosted by the Lisbon Council, a Brussels-based think tank specialising in innovation and... Read more (42.95kb)
  • Volkskrant Banen, "Ann Mettler: 'Het gaat erom zélf te veranderen'"
    26/05/09 Image

    Interview with Ann Mettler... Read more

    VolkskrantBanen260509 (116.91kb)
  • Gazeta Wyborcza, "Big Brains from Europe coming"
    15/05/09 Image

    Paul Hofheinz, former reporter of the Wall Street Journal. Today he is a top expert on innovation and human ca... Read more

    GW-BigBrainsEurope-150509 (41.25kb)
  • Wall Street Journal Europe, "Obama's Lisbon Agenda", by Ann Mettler
    07/05/09 Image

    The US President is implementing what the European Union has been working on since the beginning of this decad... Read more

    WSJE - Obamas Lisbon Agenda (46.76kb)
  • Die Presse, "Brüssel liebt die Vielfalt Europas"
    27/04/09 Image

    Es ist Aufgabe der Regierungen, nicht der EU, die Bürger über die drohende Pleite der Sozialsysteme Europas ... Read more

    DiePresse270409 (48.01kb)
  • EU Observer, "Europe needs 'social package' fit for 21st century"
    24/03/09 Image

    "Is there enough awareness of the gravity of the crisis?" he asked his audience at the Brussels-based Lisbon C... Read more

    EUObserver240309 (34.43kb)