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  • The Parliament, "Ex-Spanish PM says EU faces 'wave of mistrust'"
    24/03/09 Image

    Addressing a Lisbon Council lecture, he said that Europe and the EU faced a "wave of mistrust" and that the "i... Read more

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  • Financial Times, "EU to plead for stronger financial regulation"
    12/03/09 Image

    "We should resist the temptation to call for new initiatives before we have evaluated the initiatives that we'... Read more

    FT.com1203009 (33.02kb)
  • Dziennik, "Pierwsza, Finlandia, druga Polska, Irlandia na koncu"
    10/03/09 Image
  • Financial Times, "Recession dashes EU's Lisbon Strategy hopes"
    10/03/09 Image

    Suffice it to say that a new report prepared by Allianz, the German insurer, and the Lisbon Council, a Brussel... Read more

    FT.com100309 (31.45kb)
  • Die Welt, "Rezession wirft Europas Staaten weit zurück"
    09/03/09 Image

    Doch auf der Zielgeraden halten jetzt lediglich noch sechs der 14 größten EU-Mitgliedsstaaten die selbst ges... Read more

    die welt090309.pdf (35.82kb)
  • Die Presse, "Österreich macht bei Lissabon-Zielen Platz gut"
    09/03/09 Image

    Die Studie wird von dem Brüssler Thinktank "Lisbon Council" in Zusammenarbeit mit der Allianz Gruppe erstellt... Read more

    DiePresse090309 (32.99kb)
  • Der Standard, "EU-Lissabon-Ziele prominentes Opfer der Rezession"
    09/03/09 Image
  • Irish Times, "Ireland and Italy least competitive of EU states"
    09/03/09 Image

    The annual competitiveness survey, which is compiled by the insurer Allianz and the Lisbon Council think tank,... Read more

    IrishTimes090309 (32.04kb)
  • Het Financieele Dagblad, "Zuinig zijn op netgeneration"
    26/02/09 Image
  • The Parliament, "Reding: Broadband to rescue EU from economic crisis"
    01/02/09 Image

    “I remain convinced that ICT in general and the internet in particular are the tools we need to get us out o... Read more

    theparliament020209.pdf (32.60kb)