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  • Chronicle of Higher Education, "European Universities Must Do More to Meet Economic...
    18/11/08 Image

    Universities in several European countries are failing to meet the social and economic demands of complex mode... Read more

    chroniclehighereducation171108.pdf (37.24kb)
  • Global Higher Education, "‘University Systems Ranking (USR)’: an alternative...
    18/11/08 Image

    Yesterday The Lisbon Council, an EU think-tank (see our entry here for a profile of this influential think-tan... Read more

    global higher education191108.pdf (37.54kb)
  • Süddeutsche Zeitung, "Fürs Arbeitsleben ungeeignet"
    18/11/08 Image

    Deutsche Hochschulen bilden zu wenig aus und orientieren sich nicht genug an den Bedürfnissen des Arbeitsmark... Read more

    sz181108.pdf (37.46kb)
  • EurActiv, "Inclusive universities 'best placed to deliver'"
    18/11/08 Image

    Universities that accept a broad range of students and offer lifelong-learning opportunities - specifically, t... Read more

    euractiv181108.pdf (29.20kb)
  • El Pais, "La Universidad española, la peor de 17 países avanzados"
    18/11/08 Image

    En el que hoy va a hacer público el Lisbon Council, un centro de estudios sobre asuntos europeos de Bruselas,... Read more

    elpais181108.pdf (31.36kb)
  • Der Standard, "Österreichisches Universitätssystem zu elitär""
    18/11/08 Image

    Im internationalen Ranking schneiden Österreichs Universitäten wieder einmal schlecht ab: In der jüngsten S... Read more

    der standard 181108.pdf (34.78kb)
  • ORF, "Österreich unter ferner liefen"
    18/11/08 Image

    Die österreichischen Universitäten schneiden im internationalen Vergleich sehr schlecht ab. Zu diesem Ergebn... Read more

    orf181108.pdf (36.51kb)
  • Newsweek, "We Stand Divided"
    03/11/08 Image

    "We need a big country like Germany to stand up to France," says Ann Mettler, director of the Lisbon Council, ... Read more

    newsweek031108.pdf (35.21kb)
  • International Herald Tribune, "Economist: state intervention will brake growth"
    24/10/08 Image

    Heise was speaking at the launch of a report where Allianz and a think tank, the Lisbon Council, predict that ... Read more

    iht_231008.pdf (38.55kb)
  • Guardian, "Daimler issues second profits warning"
    24/10/08 Image

    But, in a joint report with the Lisbon Council, a Brussels-based thinktank, Michael Heise, chief economist at ... Read more

    guardian_231008.pdf (32.80kb)