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  • Financial Times "Top
    24/10/08 Image

    Mr Heise was speaking at an event for the Brussels-based Lisbon Council think-tank, where he presented forecas... Read more

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  • The Parliament, "EU could weather financial storm with regulation, says report"
    24/10/08 Image

    The survey, by financial services provider Allianz SE and the Lisbon Council, a Brussels think-tank, predicts ... Read more

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  • Dow Jones
    24/10/08 Image

    Zu diesem Ergebnis kommt Allianz-Chefvolkswirt Michael Heise als einer der Hauptautoren in dem am Donnerstag i... Read more

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  • Bloomberg
    24/10/08 Image

    The Allianz study, which was released in conjunction with the Brussels-based research group Lisbon Council, fo... Read more

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  • El Pais "Los modelos sociales de Europa y EE UU se miden en la crisis"
    25/07/08 Image

    Ann Mettler, directora ejecutiva de Lisbon Council, un centro de análisis de referencia en Bruselas, afirma q... Read more

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  • EurActiv "IEA questions role of markets in climate change fight"
    23/05/08 Image

    Since 2004, European consumers have been paying a 'shadow carbon price' of approximately €85 per tonne of CO... Read more

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  • Reuters "Burying CO2 vital in climate battle: IEA"
    22/05/08 Image

    "What we need is a key technology, which is carbon capture and storage," Birol told a briefing with Brussels t... Read more

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  • New York Times Blog "What should we do about the renaissance of Big Coal?"
    22/05/08 Image

    The solution is to capture the emissions and pump them underground before they reach the atmosphere, according... Read more

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  • BusinessWeek "The State of European Innovation"
    02/05/08 Image

    Says Ann Mettler, executive director and founder of the Lisbon Council, a Brussels-based think tank: "The sect... Read more

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  • Les Echos "Le sommet de Bruxelles veut rassurer enterprises et citoyens sur l'état...
    13/03/08 Image