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The Single Market Entrepreneurs (SME) Centre convened the first High-Level Roundtable on Growth and Innovation under the timely theme: How Digital Technologies are Reshaping Traditional Business Models and Empowering Entrepreneurs. Anthony D. Williams, senior fellow for innovation at the Lisbon Council, presented his latest policy brief – co-authored with Ann Mettler, executive director of the Lisbon Council – entitled Wired for Growth and Innovation: How Digital Technologies are Reshaping Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses and Empowering Entrepreneurs. Bart Becks, co-founder and CEO of SonicAngel, a Belgian crowdfunding start-up; Julien Blanchez, Getting Business Online Campaign lead at Google; Fotis Antonopoulos, founder of in Greece; Joanna Drake, director for SMEs and entrepreneurship at the European Commission’s enterprise and industry directorate-general; Peter Leyenaar, management team member for regulatory reform and ICT policy at the enterprise and innovation directorate of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation; and Taylor Reynolds, senior economist for information economy in the directorate for science, technology and industry at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) followed with timely interventions.

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