Single Market Entrepreneurs Centre Launches


The Lisbon Council officially launched a new innovative Centre of Excellence, entitled the Single Market Entrepreneurs Centre, or the SME Centre for short. Founded in collaboration with Google, the SME Centre will enhance the visibility, recognise the importance and underline the transformational nature of entrepreneurs and small- and medium-sized companies. It will also celebrate the 20th anniversary of the single market. Malcolm Harbour, member of the European Parliament, chair of the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection, and a member of the MEPs for SMEs advisory body, which will lend advice to the SME Centre, keynoted the kick-off meeting of the SME Centre Advisory Council. An eclectic and dedicated group of small-business association representatives, who will serve on the SME Centre Advisory Council, gathered for the interactive and solution-oriented debate on how to the single market benefits entrepreneurs and empowers SMEs across Europe.

View Prezi Introducing the Single Market Entrepreneurs Centre

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