‘Co-Creating’ Public Services: The Co-VAL Dashboard


At this High-Level Webinar on "Co-Creating" Public Services: The Co-VAL Dashboard, organised in collaboration with Eurocities, Francesco Mureddu, director at the Lisbon Council, presents the Co-VAL Policy Dashboard, an innovative, interactive tool that seeks to benchmark and evaluate the effort to bring design thinking and co-creation to national and local governments. Who is doing best? Who is faring worst? And how can these metrics be used to drive a better, broader and more effective campaign to make co-creation and user-centricity a reality for Europe’s 508 million citizens? Organised in the context of the Value Co-Creation in Public Services for Transforming European Public Administrations (Co-VAL) project, a 12-partner consortium co-funded by the European Union, the webinar explians how six major cities and 28 European Union member states are using the Co-VAL dashboard to derive better, deeper insight – and how more cities can join the Co-VAL project, contribute data on their own experience and learn from other success stories around Europe.

Watch ‘Co-Creating’ Public Services: The Co-VAL Dashboard 

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