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The 21st century is a time of unprecedented challenge – and great opportunity. The European Centre for Government Transformation strives to shape a high performing and innovative public sector, enabling the delivery of sustainable, modern and quality public services. It provides a unique and multi-stakeholder platform for constructive dialogue, exchange of best practices and formulation of innovative solutions. This network of frontline practitioners, change agents and thought leaders is complemented by ground-breaking research and analyses in an effort to shape and inform policy developments and the government of the future – a transformation in the way governments do business.

Founded in 2009 as a leading research centre and practitioner-driven community, the European Centre for Government Transformation is dedicated to providing pragmatic and actionable solutions designed to help government agencies and other public-service organisations improve the social, economic and health outcomes of the people they serve through delivery of increased and improved public services. It is a new kind of ideas and solutions hub that recognises the interdisciplinary nature of state transformation and public-sector modernisation.

Its three founding partners – the Lisbon Council, Accenture and the College of Europe – bring a broad range of experiences and knowledge, backed by strong research capabilities, to this fast-growing, public service community. The partnership will look to develop insights across disciplines (such as health, education, etc.) as well as crosscutting, horizontal themes (such as operational innovation, government 2.0, etc.) that form an integral part of the modernisation agenda for most governments today. The objective is to continually refresh this knowledge through a network of leaders and experts, contributing expertise and guidance to the debates and ensuring broad dissemination for the ideas developed in these fora.

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Viorica Spac, project manager and research associate

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