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In a forceful, hard-hitting policy brief, Ann Mettler, executive director of the Lisbon Council, and Anthony D. Williams, senior fellow for innovation at the Lisbon Council, look at the deep-seated changes afoot in our economy in a new policy brief. These days, big companies are looking to compete mostly by downsizing or adding jobs in emerging markets while cash-strapped governments have put a break on hiring. By contrast, the only entities creating jobs in advanced economies are entrepreneurs, young companies and freelancers, many of whom have generated jobs for themselves amid slow employment growth and an anaemic economic recovery. The policy brief, entitled The Rise of the Micro-Multinational: How Freelancers and Technology-Savvy Start-Ups are Driving Growth, Jobs and Innovation, sets out a nine-point set of recommendations for policymakers to create jobs and lay a foundation for future prosperity in Europe and North America.

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