Press Room

  • Politico, "European Union or Mean Girl?"
    04/06/15 Image

    Politico reports on the speech by Catherine A. Novelli, senior co-ordinator for international information... Read more

    Politico 030615 (1.27mb)
  • El Pais "Los Precios Crecen en la Eurozona por Primera vez en seis Meses"
    03/06/15 Image

    Alessandro Leipold, chief economist of the Lisbon Council, comments on the slight pickup in eurozone infl... Read more

    El Pais 030615 (174.85kb)
  • Corriere delle Comunicazioni, "Digital Single Market, Ansip: 'Fine Roaming, Ora una...
    03/06/15 Image

    Corriere delle Comunicazioni, reports on The 2015 Guglielmo Marconi Lecture, given by Andrus Ansip, vice-... Read more

    Corriere Comunicazioni 010615 (92.11kb)
  • The Economist, "Disconnected Continent"
    08/05/15 Image

    Paul Hofheinz, president and executive director of the Lisbon Council, was quoted in The Economist on how the ... Read more

    The Economist 090515 (154.67kb)
  • Science Business, "Researchers to Take on Publishers Over New EU Copyright Laws"
    07/05/15 Image

    Science Business publishes an artcile on "Researchers to Take on Publishers Over New EU Copyright Laws" a... Read more

    Science Business 070515 (156.59kb)
  • The Guardian, "Where Next for Scientific Advice in Europe?"
    29/04/15 Image

    James Wilsdon, professor of science and democracy in the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University... Read more

    The Guardian 280415 (677.25kb)
  • Formiche, “Ecco la Partita che la Cina sta Giocando al WTO”
    14/04/15 Image

    Formiche, an Italian magazine cites "China's Dangerous Digital Agenda", an op-ed on Project Syndicate written ... Read more

    Formiche 130415 (174.46kb)
  • Kennisland, "Lisbon Council: Flexible Copyright is Good for Economic Growth"
    31/03/15 Image

    Paul Keller, managing director of Kennisland, a premier Dutch knowedge-economy and society think tank, analyse... Read more

    Kennisland 300315 (218.40kb)
  •, "Lisbon Council Report Examines the Relationship Between Copyright...
    31/03/15 Image, reports on the findings of The 2015 Intellectual Property and Economic Growth Index: Mea... Read more 300315 (222.52kb)
  • Die Welt, "Wie Saniert Man einen Staat?"
    30/03/15 Image

    Alessandro Leipold, chief economist of the Lisbon Council and former acting director of the European departmen... Read more

    Die Welt 290315 (119.84kb)