Press Room

  • Science Business, "'We Want Google to be an Engine of Entrepreneurship in Europe'"
    22/01/15 Image

    Science Business writes about Google's investment plans in European startups and entrepreneruship. The Lisbon ... Read more

    Science Business 210115 (611.04kb)
  • Channel Web, "Cable: Businesses Being Failed by Lack of EU Digital Unity"
    21/01/15 Image

    Channel Web writes "In a speech this afternoon at the Lisbon Council's Robert Schumann lecture, Cable called f... Read more

    Channel Web 200115 (187.07kb)
  • Western Morning News, "EU Referendum Plan 'Dangerous'"
    21/01/15 Image

    Western Morning News writes "Answering questions at an event organised by the Lisbon Council think tank, Mr Ca... Read more

    Western Morning News 200115 (117.21kb)
  • Express, “Fury as Vince Cable Describes EU Referendum 'Dangerous' and 'Utterly...
    21/01/15 Image

    Express writes "'It is assuming that the other 27 countries will magically agree to British requests. It is ra... Read more

    Express 200115 (127.78kb)
  • The Register, "Give ALL the EU Access to Netflix, says Vince Cable"
    21/01/15 Image

    The Register writes "Currently businesses and consumers across Europe are being let down by a 'patchwork' appr... Read more

    The Register 200115 (90.18kb)
  • Wall Street Journal, "Vince Cable: Cameron Playing ‘Dangerous’ Game on EU"
    21/01/15 Image

    The Wall Street Journal writes "Mr Cable, a leading figure in the Liberal Democrats, the British government’... Read more

    Wall Street Journal 200115 (108.77kb)
  • Bloomberg, "Cameron Out of Touch With EU Reality, Cable Says"
    21/01/15 Image

    Bloomberg writes "Cameron’s 'strategy is actually quite dangerous -- it is assuming that the other 27 countr... Read more

    Bloomberg 200115 (151.21kb)
  • EurActiv, "Cable tells Cameron to Stop Shouting at EU"
    21/01/15 Image

    EurActiv reports from The 2015 Robert Schuman Lecture, delivered by Vince Cable, secretary of state at the UK'... Read more

    EurActiv 200115 (111.99kb)
  • The Independent, "Vince Cable: Promising an EU Referendum is 'Dangerous' and 'Utterly...
    21/01/15 Image

    The Independent reports on The 2015 Robert Schuman Lecture, delivered by Vince Cable, secretary of state at th... Read more

    The Independent 200115 (117.46kb)
  • Business Cloud News, "Google CLO: ‘EU Needs to Complete Digital Single Market...
    20/01/15 Image

    Business Cloud News writes, "Speaking at a Lisbon Council event in Brussels this week, Drummond said European ... Read more

    Business Cloud News 200115 (62.66kb)